Friday, February 22, 2013

Home at last!

We are so happy to be home with our little girl. Jenni Anne is doing so much better. She is eating well, sleeping, playing, and almost back on a normal schedule. It is so good to have my baby girl back. She may not be 100%, but she is slowly getting better. We went to the doctor today and he said it will take a week or so for the symptoms to be over, but about 6 weeks for her immune system to be back up. I just feel so helpless. I cannot wait for Georgia weather to get stable. Wait... who am I kidding? Georgia weather is never stable. It is 32 degrees one day, 60 something the next, and then back down. No wonder my baby girl and half of the ICU and hospital have RSV!

I am just happy that she is getting better and that we are home! We honestly could not have gotten through it without the prayers and support from our family and friends! Thank you!

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